PV Solar Energy

PV Solar Energy

Photovoltaic (PV) solar represents the ultimate in green energy, converting all-natural sunlight into electricity via an inverter. PV modules contain no moving parts, can last for decades and requires virtually no maintenance.

EDGE Geo Supply specializes in systems which combine PV Solar with Geothermal. Used in tandem, this combination can help homeowners and businesses operate at a net-zero or even net-negative energy cost, allowing them to operate “off the grid” or contribute energy back to the grid at a gain. 

For more on PV Solar products and systems, view this in-depth brochure (PDF).

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  • Available sizes: 0.5 to 6 tons
  • Efficiencies: Up to 28.3 EER / 4.3 COP
  • Hot water assist
  • UL GREENGUARD Gold certified cabinet insulation
  • Heavy gauge steel

  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Single- and two-stage compressor options
  • Variable-speed fan standard on VT and optional on VS
  • Temperature sensor as part of system safeties

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