GeoComfort Sidekick Series

GeoComfort Sidekick Series

The GeoComfort SideKick Dry Fluid Cooler can be used with or without a ground loop. Designed for outdoor installation, the fluid cooler is ideal for closed ground loop systems in cooling-dominant climates and for stand-alone water-source heat pumps. When paired with a ground loop, the SideKick removes excess heat from the loop fluid to improve the efficiency of the system. It can be used for housing developments, office buildings, etc.


  • Capacity: 3.5 – 5 tons
  • Voltages: 208-230/60/1
  • Coated copper tube/aluminum fin air coil
  • ECM blower motor
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Internal pump optional
GeoComfort SideKick Dry Fluid Cooler Specifications:
ModelHeat Rejection CapacityAir Temp. Into Fluid CoolerAir ΔTWater Flow Rate (GPM)Water Temp Into Fluid Cooler (F)Water ΔT Through Fluid CoolerApproach Temperature
SK040 (3-ton)37,30070°13°990°11.7°
SK060 (5-ton)71,60070°19°1590°10°11.5°

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