About us

Green HVAC Is What We Do

EDGE Geo Supply is a full-line wholesale distributor of geothermal heat pumps, tankless water heaters, and accessories. Green technology is our specialty.

We offer the full-line of of GeoComfort geothermal heat pumps; featuring the GYT package line with an all aluminum micro-channel air coil and the GRT outdoor split series, which is perfect for conventional air conditioning replacement. All GeoComfort products offer an optional 18-year compressor and air coil warranty. 

Our Bosch product offering includes geothermal heat pumps, IDS air-source heat pumps, BMS mini-splits, and tankless water heaters. Our Bosch residential geo line carries the Bosch 10-year residential warranty. 

We stock a broad range of geothermal heat pumps and associated items; including ubends, piping, flow centers, fittings and zoning. Our competitive pricing and one stop shopping make us a great choice for anyone in the geo business or anyone wishing to try it for the first time.

Mission Statement

EDGE Geo was founded on the belief that Environmental Design benefits from Geothermal Efficiency. We believe in the technology we support and supply and strongly believe it is relevant for many more applications that are being provided for presently. EDGE Geo Supply wants to help you find that balance between budget and environmental stewardship.