Geo-Flo Flow Centers / Pumps

Geo-Flo Flow Centers / Pumps

Geothermal flow centers are an essential element of any geothermal heat pump operation. The primary function of the flow center is to control the pump and move water fluid through the ground loop. It can also flush air, sediment and other debris out of the system. EDGE Geo offers a wide selection of Geo-Flo Pressurized and Non-Pressurized flow centers for both residential and commercial systems. 

Pressurized Flo-Link Double O-Ring Flow Centers

Flo-Link double O-ring style flow centers are unsurpassed in ease of installation. Flo-Link double O-ring fittings provide leak-free union connections at the flow center, installed without tools (no need for pipe wrenches). Virtually any type of transition (fusion, thread, barb, PVC glue, etc.) is available for Flo-Link fittings. Geo-Flo’s full port 3-way, 4-position flushing and isolation valves are designed for the wide range of temperatures experienced in ground loop applications.

  • Simple installation using Flo-Link™ Double O-Ring Fittings that eliminate the possibility of leaks from leak prone tapered pipe threads
  • Front flush ports
  • Foam insulated cabinet stops condensation
  • High Impact Polystyrene Cabinet will not rust
  • Fully assembled and leak tested
  • Utilizes industry standard Grundfos circulators (one and two pump modules available)
  • Constant speed and ECM variable speed pump options
  • Single pump flow center can be field upgraded to two pump flow center

NP Non-Pressurized Flow Centers

Geo-Flo’s NP Series non-pressurized flow centers are the only non-pressurized flow centers in the industry that provide a truly closed-loop system with controlled pressure and vacuum relief and incorporate 3-way valves for system flushing. The pressure relief valve allows the system to be pressurized to 13 PSIG, which no other non-pressurized product can claim. This is important since geothermal HDPE loop pipe contracts when the system is in heating mode increasing system pressure. Further, our NP products include a vacuum relief valve (built into the cap) that is closed during normal operation, but opens when the system pressure drops below atmospheric pressure. This is important since the loop pipe expands during cooling mode decreasing system pressure. Without this important function, the tank/system pressure will drop creating a vacuum that decreases the positive suction pressure on the pumps.

  • Utilizes industry standard Grundfos circulators (one and two pump modules available)
  • Constant speed and ECM variable speed pump options
  • Single pump flow center can be field upgraded to two pump flow center
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Single- and two-stage compressor options
  • Variable-speed fan standard on VT and optional on VS
  • Temperature sensor as part of system safeties

PM Series Module

Geo-Flo’s manufactures pump modules for commercial, industrial, and institutional water source heat pump and/or ground source (geothermal) heat pump applications. These PM Series modules provide engineers and contractors a variety of options for pump performance, system connection sizes and types, and building supply voltages. Our PM modules are factory assembled, wired, and leak tested saving hundreds of hours of on-site labor.

Chilled Beam Pump Modules

Geo-Flo partners with OEM customers to manufacture pump systems to their specifications. Our design expertise, pump system knowledge, and production capabilities are a perfect compliment to other manufacturer’s products and systems. A perfect example of this partnership the award winning NEUTON Controllable Chilled Beam Pump Module we manufacture for FläktGroup SEMCO.

Geo-Flo Pumps

Replacement pumps are available in a number of configurations depending on your system’s setup and needs.

Grundalfos Circulators, Available Specifications:
  • All Circulators 1 Phase 60 Hz
  • UP26-99F 115 VAC 2.18 A Cast Iron
  • UP26-99F 230 VAC 1.07 A Cast Iron
  • UP26-116F 230 VAC 1. 75 A Cast Iron
  • UP26-116BF 230 VAC 1.75 A Bronze
Approved Liquid Solutions:
  • Methanol
  • Propylene Glycol
Additional Information:
  • Minimum Valve Bore: 1.00”
  • External Piping Connections: 1” NPT
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: 20 F
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 120 F
  • Approximate Weight: 5 Lbs

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