GeoLogix HB Series

GeoLogix HB Series

The HB Series is ideal for multi-story structures such as office buildings, as well as single story facilities such as nursing homes and schools.

The innovative cabinet design means there are models to fit just about any existing location. Vertical and horizontal versions are available and can be ordered in a variety of configurations with options for supply air, return, and heat exchanger material. Horizontal units come with factory-installed hanger brackets and field-convertible discharge.


  • Quiet Operation—Insulated divider separates compressor and air handler compartments, and double isolated compressor mounting minimizes noise
  • Microprocessor Controls—Provides reliability and ease in controlling temperature and operation
  • Performance Sentinel System— Monitors the operation and signals a potential problem before a lockout occurs
  • Heavy Duty Compressors—Copeland scroll compressors for efficiency and long life
  • Easy Installation—Multiple access panels simplify installation, especially in tight spots; HBH includes installed hanging brackets
  • Dual Circuits—HKV168A to -300A units have two refrigerant circuits and dual scroll compressors which can operate independently; all HB Large models have dual refrigerant circuits

GeoLogix HB Series, Compact, Specifications:

HB-006Full Load6.20015.44,9003.4
HB-009Full Load9,30015.77,9003.4
HB-012Full Load12,00014.99,9003.2
HB-015 PSCFull Load15,00017.211,1003.6
HB-015 ECMFull Load15,00017.910,9003.6
HB-018 PSCFull Load18,40016.313,9003.4
HB-018 ECMFull Load20,20018.114,1003.8
HB-024 PSCFull Load24,90015.418,5003.3
HB-024 ECMFull Load24,90016.418,5003.5
HB-030 PSCFull Load28,90015.123,4003.4
HB-030 ECMFull Load29,30016.523,6003.7
HB-036 PSCFull Load35,30014.929,6003.3
HB-036 ECMFull Load35,40015.528,7003.4
HBV-041Full Load38,00014.830,1003.1
HB-042 PSCFull Load40,50014.434,3003.2
HB-042 ECMFull Load42,20016.833,9003.4
HB-048 PSCFull Load49,00014.736,4003.4
HB-048 ECMFull Load49,00016.236,4003.6
HB-060 PSCFull Load60,10014.847,5003.3
HB-060 ECMFull Load61,40016.547,5003.4

GeoLogix HB Series, Large, Specifications:

HBH/V072Full Load71,00014.658,0003.5
HBH/V096Full Load98,00015.277,0003.6
HBH/V120Full Load122,50014.5103,0003.3
HBV160Full Load162,00015.2125,0003.5
HBV192Full Load199,00015.8149,0003.7
HBV240Full Load240,00014.8198,5003.5
HBV360Full Load310,00014.5240,0003.4

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