GeoComfort Element Series

GeoComfort Element Series VS/VT or ZS/ZT

GeoComfort Residential Series Compact, Vertical Packaged (VS/VT) heat pumps are a fit for applications that require ducted, forced air heating and cooling. These units fit well in small places and come standard with hot water assist for 25% – 40% cost savings on hot water annually. The VS/VT is a smaller version of the YT. These models are ideal HVAC systems for small to large homes, net zero homes, outbuildings, and more.


  • Available sizes: 0.5 to 6 tons
  • Efficiencies: Up to 28.3 EER / 4.3 COP
  • Hot water assist
  • UL GREENGUARD Gold certified cabinet insulation
  • Heavy gauge steel

  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Single- and two-stage compressor options
  • Variable-speed fan standard on VT and optional on VS
  • Temperature sensor as part of system safeties

Vertical Packaged (VS/VT) Specifications
VS018Full Load21,40020.016,3003.9
Part Load
VS024Full Load26,00019.719,4004.0
Part Load
VS030Full Load30,10018.522,3003.9
Part Load
VS036Full Load37,80018.030,2003.9
Part Load
VS041Full Load38,70017.131,1003.6
Part Load
VS042Full Load43,60018.632,0003.8
Part Load
VS048Full Load50,50017.639,6003.6
Part Load
VS060Full Load60,00016.946,9003.6
Part Load
VS072Full Load70,10015.153,2003.3
Part Load
VT024Full Load25,80018.619,4004.0
Part Load19,30024.214,8003.8
VT030Full Load32,20018.424,3003.8
Part Load25,50025.820,0004.2
VT036Full Load37,40017.729,5003.9
Part Load28.50025.222,9004.2
VT042Full Load45,90018.532,4003.9
Part Load35,10026.025,5004.2
VT048Full Load51,30018.938,3003.9
Part Load39,20027.230,2004.3
VT060Full Load60,90017.646,3003.8
Part Load46,50023.636,6004.2
VT072Full Load68,90015.851,8003.4
Part Load55,30021.144,0003.9

Horizontal Packaged (ZS/ZT) Specifications
ZS012Full Load11,30014.19,5003.2
Part Load
ZS015Full Load15,30019.211,1003.8
Part Load
ZS017Full Load18,30018.613,4003.7
Part Load
ZS018Full Load20,50018.214,4003.6
Part Load
ZS024Full Load25,20018.718,6003.7
Part Load
ZS030Full Load30,30019.121,9003.7
Part Load
Z6036Full Load37,60018.127,8003.7
Part Load
ZS042Full Load43,40019.832,8003.9
Part Load
ZS048Full Load48,50017.838,5003.6
Part Load
ZS060Full Load60,50017.849,2003.8
Part Load
ZS072Full Load70,60017.257,4003.5
Part Load
ZT024Full Load26,80019.818,1004.0
Part Load20,70028.814,9004.3
ZT030Full Load32,00018.022,6003.7
Part Load24,80024.918,7004.0
ZT036Full Load38,20019.927,6004.1
Part Load28,90029.821,2004.4
ZT042Full Load42,60019.131,5003.7
Part Load33,10026.225,9004.0
ZT048Full Load49,80018.337,9003.9
Part Load39,70026.629,6004.3
ZT060Full Load61,20018.748,1003.9
Part Load47,30026.934,2004.1
ZT072Full Load70,40018.057,9003.8
Part Load57,10025.247,6004.2

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