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Will the geothermal heat pump industry transition to R-32?

How will new refrigerant guidelines impact the geothermal heat pump industry?

US based geo manufacturers are much smaller than their traditional HVAC counterparts, so making a major change to production can be a much more expensive and impactful proposition. Check out the article linked below from Joanna R. Turpin at the NEWS.

The HVACR industry has been debating how to handle replacing R-410A in comfort cooling equipment ever since the courts ruled in 2017 that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did not have the authority to phase down HFCs. After that ruling, EPA promised to issue phasedown guidance regarding HFCs, but when that did not happen right away, many states started implementing their own HFC phasedown schedules.
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Trade Industries Slow Due to Covid Fears

While emergency calls are still happening; HVAC contractors in some areas are not working seasonal scheduled maintenance and homeowners are putting off non-emergency repairs and replacements.

See the ‘phones are ringing for HVAC techs’.

We might think with everyone home and HVAC systems getting a harder than typical workout, there would be more HVAC calls. Timing is probably part of the reason why it’s not happening. We’re in the beginning or midst of shoulder season, depending on your area of the country and a lot of folks with underlying health issues are deciding to open their windows and doors and not invite their neighborhood HVAC tech into their home.

This change is not only impacting service calls and scheduled maintenance but also planned replacements. This could very well make a substantial impact on the geothermal heat pump market as a good number of replacements that were planned to take advantage of the geothermal heat pump tax credit may be lost altogether.

We won’t know which way this is going to go until we’re all back to our old gloveless, facemaskless selves and shaking hands with our neighbors.

Stay healthy and stay sanitized!