EDGE Geo is a one stop shop for the geothermal heat pump professional. We carry the full line of Bosch and GeoComfort heat pumps, stocked in our Addison, Texas warehouse. We also carry HDPE Ubends, HDPE pipe, fittings, flow centers, zone dampers, zone boards, and wi-fi enabled thermostats. 

We offer regular training on all of our products and also offer on-site training.

Whether you’re a first time geo installer or an experienced pro, EDGE has everything you need for a quality installation.


We proudly offer a full-line of geothermal heat pump options.

GeoComfort Products

GYT Vertical Package Units
GYT Consumer Brochure
GYT Tech Overview
GYT Owner's Manual
GYT Install Manual

GXT Convertible Package Units
GXT Consumer Brochure
GXT Owner's Manual
GXT Install Manual

GRT Outdoor Split Units
GRT Consumer Brochure
GRT Owners Manual
GRT Install Manual


Bosch Products

SM Series Products
CE Series Products
Tankless Water Heating


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