Bosch IDS Air-Source Heat Pump


Comfort Cruise Control

Bosch Inverter Ducted Air-Source Split System
with Variable Speed, High-Efficiency Inverter Drive

Quality engineering, quiet performance and an unbeatable warranty from Bosch delivers exceptional home comfort.
Whether heating or cooling, our reliable inverter heat pumps keep homeowners comfortable by providing precise indoor
temperature and humidity control. These high-efficiency, robust and quiet Inverter Systems are available in four sizes
ranging from 2 to 5 ton capacity to suit almost any home. The variable speed inverter drive adjusts the speed of the 
compressor to optimize comfort, while keeping sound levels to a minimum. 

Bosch Savings

Bosch IDS install


Simply Smart!!

The robust Bosch Inverter Ducted Split
air-source heat pump system utilizes
just the right amount of energy to
achieve ultimate comfort and maximum
efficiency while keeping sound levels
to a minimum.

Bosch IDS Unit

Key Features and Benefits

  • 18 SEER Ultra-Efficient
  • Variable Capacity -
    matches cooling load
  • Super-quiet - 56dB
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • 10-year Bosch Warranty

Bosch dB 240