Bosch BMS 5000 Mini-Split

Home Comfort at the Push of a Button

The Bosch Climate 5000 ductless mini-split provides simple installation, maintenance, and cleaning.
Shorter service times and high quality means minimizing money spent while maximizing comfort and peace of mind.
The 5000 series utilizes a combination of efficient technologies to achieve up to a 22 SEER rating, reducing
electricity usage and lowering your electric bill.

Bosch BMS install

Take Control of Your Comfort

The indoor portion of the system is
dedicated to the room it's placed.

Bosch BMS AH

Control is managed by an easy to use
wireless remote.Bosch BMS remote The remote
controls both temperature and
humidity, specifically for that
space. It can be used manually
or set for automatic operation.
It even has a timer function and
a 'Follow Me' feature that knows when
you're in the room. The 'Turbo' feature
can be used when you need to speed up the system.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Energy Efficient - up to 22 EER
  • Super quiet - as low as 22 dBA
  • Turbo mode - power cooling
  • 3D Airflow - balanced airflow
  • Follow Me - Individual comfort